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      1. You spend 24,000 days
        in the building
        With a 30,000-days lifetime

        A building without a super brain?
        ?is not a real smart building.

        ?Whatever you want is here.


        Comfortable Experience

        Establish visible comfort model of the building, and enable equipment automatic self-perceived and self-adjustment to create an excellent user experience.?

        Efficient Energy Management

        Enable equipment data access and collaborate in the cloud, and provide accurate energy management services and improve building energy management efficiency to lay a digital foundation for building's future “source-storage-network-load" intelligence collaboration.?

        Key technology

        Health Management of Energy Consumption

        6-dimension healthy analysis of energy consumption, and provide optimized suggestions.?

        Behavior Prediction of Energy Consumption

        Based on cloud big data analysis and cloud computing, and predict user behavior precisely

        Predictive Maintenance

        Accumulate thousands of equipment models and provide real-time health dragonize and early-warning for equipment.

        Auxiliary Power Service

        Regional building monitoring and real time strategic controlling for demand response

        Building Model Establishment

        Fast modeling building and visualize real-time data of building?


        Integrated energy efficiency diagnosis and professional solution


        Millisecond data saving and response, and edge computing

        Easy access

        Accumulate thousands of device models and adapt mainstream communication protocols by EnOS?

        Easy deploy

        Replicable intelligent sensors + easy deployment


        Equipment corporation in real-time and ‘closed loop’ strategy optimization


        Complete information security management system

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