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      1. The key is not only smart,
        but really humanized.

        “Connect my home and community on the smart phone
        And extend to all public facilities all over the city...... ”

        People are seeking the best paradigm of the smart city

        Citizen demands of urban services are fast changing.
        We need an upgraded smart city with integrated solutions and new services.??

        Urban Mobility




        District Management


        Energy & Sustainability

        Retail & Advertising

        “I used to spend weeks to figuer out which device valve maybe broken by searching in tons of Excel sheets.
        Now I can find out the problem with just a glace at the bigscreen.”

        Only by breaking down the isolated islands of information in all aspects and building, building a unified urban
        management platform and eco-environment, achieve the coordinated management of equipment, people and?
        data, can we be able to provide a smart city solution that meets the needs of customers.

        Envision Smart City Solution

        Based on energy management, driven by technological innovation,
        is committed to becoming the foundation platform and decision-making center?
        for smart city management.

        By connecting equipment, data, applications and people, with massive data
        ?analysis, intelligent decision-making and automatic response, together with?
        ecological partners and creating super-applications across fields, we will help
        to promote the process of building a global smart city.

        Technologies Behind the Scene

        HEMS App

        Smart Home Management


        Super Brain for Buildings


        Automated Distribution Solar Design

        EnOS? Edge Logger

        One-Click to Connect Smart Devices

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