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      1. Intelligent technology

        creates the world of beautiful energy

        To solve the challenges for a sustainable future Envision is committed to creating a world of beautiful energy where everyone has access to clean, secure and affordable energy

        Since 2007, we have been focusing on a new world of sustainable energy and become one of the Largest wind turbine technology company in the world. From next-generation smart wind turbine manufacturing to integrated management systems, our offerings span wind, storage and beyond.

        Global Footprint

        Envision has global footprint in China, France, Mexico, Vietnam, Argentina, Montenegro, Kazakhstan and other countries and regions all over the world.

        Worldwide Availability

        Currently Envision Energy provides products and technical services covering smart wind turbine,smart wind farm, distributed wind power, energy storage and other fields.

        Smart wind turbine

        Combine the Spirit?
        of Art and Science.

        Smart wind farm

        [Wind Farm with Increased Transparency,
        Efficiency and Flexibility.

        Distributed wind power

        Localized clean energy
        for local people.

        Energy storage

        Enables the energy to be produced, stored,and consumed freely among devices in a brand new visible way. Controlled and managed your own energy more reliably and efficiently

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